A Diplomat’s Daughter by Victoria Montes

A Diplomat’s Daughter by Victoria Montes 150 150 Reader Views Kids

A Diplomat’s Daughter
Victoria Montes
Bouncing Ball Books (2007)
ISBN 9781934138144
Reviewed by Mary Johnson (age 15) for Reader Views (6/08)


“A Diplomat’s Daughter” is a fictional book about Veronica Wasp, also known as Ronni, who at 15-years-old, moves to Islamabad, Pakistan. While she lives there she meets new people from very diverse cultures, who become some of her best friends. But, after going on a school field trip to Kabul, Afghanistan a lot of things change. Ronni starts to not feel safe in her new home and fears that an attack on the Embassy is imminent.

On November 21, 1979 Ronni’s fears become reality when hundreds of Pakistanis set fire to the American Embassy, where Diplomats and Marines were trapped, with one Marine fatally shot.

Victoria Montes’ perspective in “A Diplomat’s Daughter” is interesting, probably because she once was one herself.  I think Victoria Montes is an excellent author; she really grabs you with the stories about the people in “A Diplomat’s Daughter.”

I think “A Diplomat’s Daughter,” by Victoria Montes is for reader ages 12 and up.  I really enjoyed this book and hope others will enjoy it as well.

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