A Dinosaur Called Tiny by Alan Durant

A Dinosaur Called Tiny by Alan Durant 150 150 Reader Views Kids

A Dinosaur Called Tiny
Alan Durant
HarperCollins (2008)
ISBN 9780061366338
Reviewed by Cayden (age 4), Max (age 2) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (8/08)


“A Dinosaur Called Tiny” begins with the hatching of a small baby dinosaur.  He was so little that his parents named him Tiny.  Tiny was a lot smaller than the other dinosaurs and didn’t really fit in.  They teased him and called him names.  Tiny met a little bird named Archie and they became friends.  In the end, after a rescue that only a tiny dinosaur could make, Tiny became accepted by the other dinosaurs.

Max:  “Dino!”

Cayden:  “We love dinosaurs!”

Cayden:  “That dinosaur is really little!  Look he fits in his mom’s hand.”

Cayden:  “What if someone steps on him?”

Cayden:  “Those dinosaurs are mean to him.”

Max:  “Rrrraarrrrr!”

Cayden:  “They are calling him names and sticking out their tongues at him.”

Max:  “Dino cry”

Cayden:  “He is sad because no one will let him play.”

Cayden:  “That bird can be his friend!”

Max:  “Play!”

Cayden:  “That big dinosaur is in trouble!  He needs to be rescued!  Is Tiny going to help him?”

Cayden:  “I liked the pictures in that book.  There were a lot of dinosaurs and some of them had big teeth!”

Parent’s comments:
I had a feeling my children would enjoy “A Dinosaur Called Tiny” because they love anything related to dinosaurs and half of the time run around the house pretending to be them!  My assumption was correct.  They enjoyed the story of how Tiny, even though he was little, saved the big dinosaur.  They learned that it doesn’t matter how little you are, you are still important.  Both children loved the illustrations, especially the ones of the bigger dinosaurs.  “A Dinosaur Called Tiny” by Alan Durant is the perfect book for any little dinosaur lover!

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