“A Day with Waffles and Alexis” by Tom Speicher

“A Day with Waffles and Alexis” by Tom Speicher 1000 1000 Reader Views Kids

A Day with Waffles and Alexis

Tom Speicher
Bowker (2023)
ISBN: 978-8985312218
Reviewed by Lydia (age 9) and Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (12/2023)

“A Day with Waffles and Alexis” is about a young guinea pig named Waffles and her friend Alexis, a college student and talented rugby player. Waffles’ owners left for a trip, and Alexis came to babysit. Waffles enjoys her time with Alexis because they do many fun things together. Today, Alexis brings her dog Cashew along, and together they make crafts, play rugby with their friends, eat at a cafe, have naptime, do puzzles, watch a favorite TV show, get dressed up for a Broadway musical, and end the day with a bedtime story. Throughout the day, Waffles tells the reader about what’s going on. But she is also interested in asking and hearing from us, the readers, about how our stories relate to each part of her day.

When I picked up “A Day with Waffles and Alexis,” I initially thought that the story might not be too interesting because there isn’t much happening on the cover, but I was glad to find that inside the book, it wasn’t what I thought. I enjoyed learning something new, and in this case, I learned about rugby. I liked Waffles throughout the story in various outfits; the outfits themselves were fun to look at and it is funny since guinea pigs don’t normally dress in clothing. “A Day with Waffles and Alexis” is for kids of all ages, boys, and girls, and those who don’t judge a book by its cover, like I did at first. I have pet cats, but I’m sure that if I had Waffles as a pet, I’d love to hang out with her just as much.

Note from Mom: “A Day with Waffles and Alexis” by Tom Speicher is the second story in The Adventures of Waffles the Guinea Pig series. This story focuses on the give and take of storytelling that should be normalized in people’s conversations; Waffles informs the reader of what is happening in her world throughout her day but takes time to care about the audience. When Waffles asks her routine question at the end of each page, younger readers will gain experience in empathy as portrayed through Waffles’ personal questions (i.e. what is your favorite animal? and Who would you like to create a card for?) along with self-reflection if/as they answer the question honestly and thoughtfully. This being the first story we’ve read in The Adventures of Waffles the Guinea Pig series, we learned that the character Alexis is based on a real woman who has prematurely passed, making the story even more sweet, thoughtful, and respectful. 

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