A Colonial Adventure: Fitch Tavern Tales #1 By Lea Ann Knight

A Colonial Adventure: Fitch Tavern Tales #1 By Lea Ann Knight 150 150 Reader Views Kids

A Colonial Adventure: Fitch Tavern Tales #1
Lea Ann Knight
Stone Croft Press (2010)
ISBN 9780982835708
Reviewed by Sophia McElroy (age 8) for Reader Views (4/11)

This is a really fun book to read; every page is a new adventure! First you will get to know a ten-year-old girl named Skip. She was always getting into something. The story begins when Skip goes to find her sister, but she is missing. While looking for her sister Skip finds herself magically back in the colonial times. She was very scared and nervous at first. She meets a girl named Elspeth and they become friends. The girls prepared food for men and learned how to care for the farm animals. She liked living there, but she missed her family and tried to focus on figuring out how to get home.

My favorite character is Skip. She is a very adventurous girl who I think I would like. Skip thought about her family worrying about her. She was mostly worried about her little sister, Ruby. Skip continued to think of a way out. Then before bed she finds a notebook. She opens it up under her covers and it showed initials. Initials? It was like a riddle to her. She loved riddles. After she thought about it she went to bed. In the morning she had stepped on something, “It was just the book.” Skip said to herself.

“A Colonial Adventure” is one of those books you will want to read over and over again to discover some more surprises!

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