A Bully’s Doom: The Whisperer’s Tale (Tweener Press Adventure Series) by Robert Hansen

A Bully’s Doom: The Whisperer’s Tale (Tweener Press Adventure Series) by Robert Hansen 150 150 Reader Views Kids

A Bully’s Doom: The Whisperer’s Tale (Tweener Press Adventure Series)
Robert Hansen
Baker Trittin Press (2007)
ISBN 0978731611
Reviewed by Dylan James (age 11) for Reader Views (6/08)


The bullies’ better watch out now! A substitute teacher enters the environment of the bully, Griffith, and puts him in his place. With magical powers in his storytelling, the substitute teacher makes the bully realize through story that he is not loved or respected; he’s hated! Traveling through the substitute teacher’s story, Griffith learns through a great adventure how he should change his ways and be someone who is really respected. With fire-breathing dragons and wise leaders, will the bully be convinced to stop the evil of his ways or will the dragon beat him viciously until he stops?

This was an interesting book, at the least. Although many kids like action and stunts, this was the best adventure story I have read in a long time. Without much action, this type of book needs to have a great adventure. It is easy to guess what will happen at the end, but even when you know that, you just can’t put the book down. This book teaches how a bully is not loved, but hated, how a bully is not a good leader, but a dictator. This book makes you look at everything you’ve done in the past and realize that some things you’ve done weren’t nice or even joking; they were just plain mean. There is no material in this book to make it anything more than 7+. I think boys and girls will like this book equally, but because of the easy-to-see ending, the younger the readers are, the more they will like it. The writing was craftily done to see the story through the bully’s perspective. In this way, readers will be able to see how wrong the bully is, and how devasted he is when he realizes this. My compliments to the writer; “A Bully’s Doom: The Whisperer’s Tale” was a great book.

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