A Boy Had a Mother Who Bought Him a Hat 
Karla Kuskin
HarperCollins (2010)
ISBN 9780060753306
Reviewed by Cayden Aures (age 5 ½) and Mom for Reader Views (05/10)


“This book is about a boy whose mom keeps buying him all kinds of things. He keeps
putting them on and wearing them all at once. He wears them all of the time and he never takes them off. Some of the things are a hat, a mask, and skis. He has shoes on under his boots too. Then he rides an elephant. This is a silly book. My favorite picture is where he is on the elephant with everything on and holding the cello.”

Parent’s comments:

“A Boy Had a Mother Who Bought Him a Hat” is a fun book that my son really enjoyed. The repetitive text is quite catchy and he thought it was laugh-out-loud funny! This book will definitely be one that we read often.

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