A Balloon for Isabel by Deborah Underwood

A Balloon for Isabel by Deborah Underwood 150 150 Reader Views Kids

A Balloon for Isabel 
Deborah Underwood
Greenwillow Books (2010)
ISBN 9780061779879
Reviewed by Madison Schlarman (age 4) and Mom for Reader Views (04/10) 


“The book was great, great, great, great, great!” Isabel wants a balloon like the other kid animals. She can’t because she’s sharp and will pop them! She is not afraid of balloons that pop, but her teacher said no. She hides in a box and gets stuck in the door. She puts on a pillow and pokes holes thru it, stuffing flies out! She wraps in bubbles but her friends pop them! Popping bubbles is fun! The end is my favorite! She puts candy on her and not she is not pokey and all the kids get balloons! I like the end because everyone gets a balloon!


Isabel and her porcupine friends are about to graduate kindergarten! Everyone receives a balloon as a present except for the porcupines because their quills will pop the balloons. Teacher says it is too dangerous to give the porcupines balloons so they will receive a bookmark. Isabel has already received bookmarks for previous holidays and special occasions and this time she really wants a balloon! She asks the teacher if she could wear goggles to protect her eyes and promises the sound will not scare her. Her teacher stands firm, as long as they have quills they cannot have balloons. Isabel starts to think of a plan to solve her quill popping problem! Through a series of imaginative ideas, she finds one that works and the entire class, along with their porcupine teacher, receives a
balloon at graduation.

I absolutely loved this adorable, imaginative story. It was fun to read, and the illustrations, along with the cover art, are just beautiful and bright! It was a very cheery story for our rainy day! This book is a must have for all children ages 2-8. It is a great story about problem solving and equality. Both of my daughters enjoyed the illustrations and my 4 old loved the story! I was very happy with “A Balloon for Isabel” by Deborah Underwood.

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