56 Water Street by Melissa Strangway

56 Water Street by Melissa Strangway 150 150 Reader Views Kids

56 Water Street
Melissa Strangway
iUniverse-Indigo Select (2007)
IBSN 9780595424290
Reviewed by Matthew Feliciano (age 7) for Reader Views (1/08)


“56 Water Street” is about a house that is only visible to Ravine and Derek.  They are best friends and find it very odd that the house is invisible to everybody else.  If they step on the lawn of this house, they disappear and enter the house as it was in the past.  This gives them the opportunity to look around and see what it was like a hundred years ago.  Derek did research about the families who lived in the house.  He and Ravine decided to try to solve the mystery of why only they could see the house.

This book started off a bit slow, but quickly picked up pace and got faster.  I couldn’t put the book down and it kept me wanting more.  The kids were just like any other kids and were curious about this house.  It made it easy to read a story with regular kids doing interesting things.

The book had a ghost who was trying to solve a mystery and wanted Derek and Ravine to help her so she could rest.  In some parts of the book, it was scary, but Halloween scary, which means it was fun at the same time.  This book was not scary enough to give me a nightmare which is a good thing.  “56 Water Street” is a fun book to read about ghosts who haunt old houses.

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