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Friday, January 28, 2022

“Later Gator” by Anita Turnage
“Later Gator” by Anita Turnage 175 184 Reader Views Kids
I love being turned on to a new book series my grandchildren will absolutely love. Thankfully, they do love books and those memorable characters they want to see again and again. This is a series by an award-winning author they refer to as “Nana T” who has published two ahead of this particular title, and I rushed to get those after reading this one to the grandkids! read more
“Bonez” by Mr. Roses
“Bonez” by Mr. Roses 171 265 Reader Views Kids
“Bonez” by Mr. Roses is a book about three skaters: Quigz, Essie, and Bonez. Bonez is the best, though they all have talent. The annual skating race is about to begin and it’s Bonez against Sally; the toughest skater around. After the race, Bonez begins to behave badly , and tells his friends to ignore a girl that had been very nice to him, just to protect his image. read more