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Thursday, January 20, 2022

“The Munchkins” by Candice Zee
“The Munchkins” by Candice Zee 175 265 Reader Views Kids
This has all the “ingredients” for a fantastical, magical, YA story that also caters to adults who absolutely love the Potter-esque world that happens maybe twice in a lifetime. First, you have that magic number: 13. Yes, there are 13 children in this book who all possess specific extraordinary powers. Are we talking the X-Men here… just in a different package? read more
“Fred Gets Frustrated” by Jennifer C. Kelly
“Fred Gets Frustrated” by Jennifer C. Kelly 175 226 Reader Views Kids
There is real emotional intelligence in this one, guys and gals. Fred shows how you get upset, but he also gives you the tools to calm down. Everything from listening to music, to reading a good book, to simply taking three seconds to breathe and clear his head before going any further, Fred does. The author and illustrator even combine to give you information on how to create-your-own “calm down box” that includes supplies for arts and crafts, and more. read more
“On a Snowy Day” by Preethi Saravanakumar
“On a Snowy Day” by Preethi Saravanakumar 175 184 Reader Views Kids
“On a Snowy Day” written by Preethi Saravanakumar and illustrated by Juliana Duclos is a poetic celebration of winter and an enchanting bedtime story appealing to all age groups, from toddlers to seniors. The story is all about a little boy’s imagination and the different things he would like to do on a snowy day. read more