Charlie’s Treasures Richard Neumann Stone in the Surf Press (2006) ISBN 9780977460540 Reviewed by LakeFurney (age 9) for Reader Views […]
Champion Sleeper! Tim Young Murphy’s Bone Publishing (2008) ISBN 9780974822617 Reviewed by Conner (age 4) and Mom for Reader Views […]
Chalice Robin McKinley Putnam Juvenile (2008) ISBN 9780399246760 Reviewed by Neha Kashmiri (age 14) for Reader Views (8/08) Born and […]
Cat Nights Jane Manning Greenwillow (2008) ISBN 9780061138881 Reviewed by Brooke James (age 4.5) for Reader Views (10/08) “Cat Nights” […]
Castle in the Air Diana Wynne Jones Eos (2008) ISBN 9780061478772 Reviewed by Avni Gupta (age 15) for Reader Views […]
Carrie’s Courage: Battling the Powers of Bigotry (1923) (Sisters in Time #19) Norma Jean Lutz Barbour Publishing (2005) ISBN 9781593106560 […]
Capitano Ricco Rebecca Bell Bouncing Ball Books (2005) ISBN 9781934138069 Reviewed by Cayden (age 3.5), Max (age 19-months) Aures and […]
Can I Have Some Money? (Volume 3, Max Gets It!) Candi Sparks Sparks Fly/BookSurge Publishing (2007) ISBN 9780978944513 Reviewed by […]
Campy: The Story of Roy Campanella David A. Adler Penguin Young Readers Group (2007) ISBN 9780670060412 Reviewed by Matthew Feliciano […]
Butterfly Kisses for Grandma and Grandpa Alayne Kay Christian Blue Whale Press (2008) ISBN 9780981493800 Reviewed by Cayden (age 4) […]
Buggy Crenshaw and the Deadwood Principle: Evolution R. M. Wilburn Gabby Cat Publishing (2008) ISBN 9780981736518 Reviewed by Austin McCredie […]
Buggy Crenshaw and the Bungler’s Paradox R. M. Wilburn Gabby Cat Publishing (2008) ISBN 9780981736501 Reviewed by Austin McCredie (age […]
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