Rhino, Rhino, Sweet Potato Francine Prose HarperCollins (2009) ISBN 9780060080785 Reviewed by Brooke James (age 5) and Mom for Reader […]
Remote Control Rocket: Mission to Mars! (SMARTLAB) Paul Beck SMARTLAB (2008) ISBN 9781932855999 Reviewed by Keith James (age 11) for […]
Relations that Suck: The Story of Eva and Dries Marilyn Yu Art & Lenny (2009) ISBN 9780615254715 Reviewed by Neha […]
Ratha’s Courage (The Fifth Book of The Named) Clare Bell Imaginator Press (2008) ISBN 9780974560366 Reviewed by Ian McCurley (age […]
Rainy Day Games: Fun with the Animals of Noah’s Ark Andy McGuire HarvestHouse (2008) ISBN 9780736923712 Reviewed by Max Aures […]
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