13 Days by Kerstin Lippi-Farley

13 Days by Kerstin Lippi-Farley 150 150 Reader Views Kids

13 Days
Kerstin Lippi-Farley
Mirror Publishing (2010)
ISBN 9781936352982
Reviewed by Ben Weldon (age 13) for Reader Views (08/10) 


“13 Days” by Kerstin Lippi-Farley is the story of sixteen kids who join a reality show to try to win a million dollars. However, only too late did they discover that the “show” was actually picking them off day by day and leaving a strange chess piece in their place. Can they discover who or what is removing them from the “show” before it is too late?

When the “show” began, eight teams of teenagers joined with their eyes on the million-dollar prize that awaited the winner. However, less than a day after the show started, one of the contestants mysteriously disappeared and a chess piece was left in his seat. Several contestants then began to suspect that the producers of the “show” were trying to drive them over the edge. Soon after this incident, several contestants began to wonder if it wasn’t the “show” but the spirits of the old castle.  Can they uncover the mystery of Black Bird Island before it is too late?

Eight completely different teams started out on one fateful day with their eyes on the prize, but little did they know that this was about to change their lives forever. All eight teams had their own separate reasons for entering the “show.” Several teams did it for fame, several for financial needs, and others for different reasons. Later, one team discovered that each and every one of them was linked to the island in one way or another. But can they uncover the secret of the mysterious Black Bird Island massacre before it hunts them down?

I would recommend “13 days” to people who like fantasy and ghost stories. This was a rather creepy book and is not the kind of thing that I would read at night. I think this book would be most appropriate for and appreciated by a teen audience.

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