101 Things Everyone Should Know About Math
Marc Zev, Kevin B. Segal, and Nathan Levy
Science Naturally! (2010)
ISBN 9780967802039
Reviewed by Ben Weldon (age 12) for Reader Views (07/10)

“101 Things Everyone Should Know About Math” by Marc Zev, Kevin B. Segal, and Nathan Levy is a book of 101 fun math problems that test your math skills. This was an interesting book with a large skill range of problems that you could solve relatively quickly. Most of the problems you could do in your head but sometimes you would want a pencil and paper to solve the harder ones. 

The problems difficulty ranged from very easy to very hard, so that there was a nice balance for all readers. The problems also had different formats so that you couldn’t get too used to one kind of problem before the book would switch you to the next. Most were word problems and nearly all of them were multiple choice. There were questions about geometry, algebra, calculating interest, and lots, lots more. One of my favorite problems was finding out how far light goes in one nanosecond. The answer is about one foot. After you solved a problem you could look up the answer in the back of the book. The answers were always very detailed and had lots of graphs, charts, and diagrams. After you looked up your answer you will feel like you have learned something, even if you already knew the basics of solving the problem.

I would recommend this book to people who like math. The one thing you need to know to enjoy this book is basic arithmetic. This was a fun read even though it was a bunch of math problems. I learned a lot of new things, and I think that you will to. I will be recommending “101 Things Everyone Should Know About Math” to friends on my math team.

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