101 Awesome Bible Facts for Kids
Sandy Silverthorne
Harvest House (2010)
ISBN 9780736929264
Reviewed by Zoey Crane (age 6) for Reader Views (10/10)
Although this book is in black and white, the pictures are fun and captivating. All the questions kids
ever ask about the Bible are here.


“I didn’t like the pictures- too boring. I did like the questions and stuff. I quizzed my grandparents- it was so much fun! I even asked my friend about the pages and she is really smart. Some of the words I didn’t understand but my Nana and I looked them up.”


This was a fun book to read. It had a lot of information kids ask when they are curious about the Bible. “101 Awesome Bible Facts for Kids” promoted a lot of discussion and games for Zoey.

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