1-2-3 Draw Dogs by Freddie Levin

1-2-3 Draw Dogs by Freddie Levin 150 150 Reader Views Kids

1-2-3 Draw Dogs
Freddie Levin
Peel Productions (2008)
ISBN 9780939217649
Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 6) for Reader Views (9/08)


“1-2-3 Draw Dogs” by Freddie Levin is a book that is supposed to teach people to draw different breeds of dogs.  There are instructions for drawing a circus dog, a Boston Terrier, a wolf, a golden retriever and lots of other kinds.  She even tells a little bit about each kind of dog.

I tried to draw some of the dogs in this book but they turned out more like pigs and other crazy creatures.  Even my mom’s looked pretty pig-like.  The author says it takes practice, practice, practice.  I guess it takes a lot of practice!  I found making the drawings frustrating and so did my mom.

I would recommend “1-2-3 Draw Dogs” by Freddie Levin to older kids and people who are really good at drawing.  The pictures are nice to look at but hard to do.

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